Sock puppet

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An example of a homemade sock puppet
Sock puppets 'Kukla' and 'Ollie' from the TV program Kukla, Fran, and Ollie

A Sock puppet is a simple type of hand puppet made with an sock. Most sock puppets have some fabric or plastic facial features added to the sock, such as eyes or a mouth. Some sock puppets may also have accessories such as a hat or clothing. Sock puppets are operated by putting a person's hand inside the sock.

Uses of sock puppets[change | change source]

Sock puppets are often used for entertaining people, especially children. People often present them on special stages that show sock puppets without showing the puppeteers (the people who use sock puppets) themselves.

Well-known sock puppets[change | change source]

In Canada, Ed the Sock is a sock puppet who has appeared on Canadian television shows since 1987. Ed the Sock appears in a weekly Toronto television series called Ed's Night Party!.[1] In the 1950s, comedian Soupy Sales made two sock puppets famous; 'White Fang' and 'Black Tooth'.[2] Ventriloquist and puppeteer Shari Lewis delighted children with her lovable sock puppets 'Lamb Chop', 'Charlie Horse' and 'Hush Puppy'.[3] They appeared on TV and in person for over four decades.[3] 1950s TV sock puppets 'Kukla' and 'Ollie' appeared with a real person, Fran, who appeared in front of the stage in the long-running program Kukla, Fran and Ollie.[3]

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