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Soju bottle with food

Soju is a distilled drink. Soju literally means "burned liquor". This kind of distilled beverage was first found in Persia, where the distillation methods of producing alcoholic beverage originated from. But through a Mongolian who contacted Islamic culture did this kind of alcoholic beverage and the distillation techniques of making such a drink come about to the East. As soju became prevalent throughout Won Dynasty of China, it eventually spread throughout Korea Kingdom, where it became so popular that numerous kinds of soju were created. Because soju created at that time were made from pure grains, it was very tasty and clean. It was also not so strong. However, it was very expensive simply because it was distilled.

Nowadays, soju is very popular in South Korea. Koreans enjoy drinking soju as a means of promoting friendship and getting closer to each other. Usually, people drink it with "anju", a side dish, so as to moderate its bitterness.