Sole-shareholder company of the State Treasury

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A Sole-shareholder company of the State Treasury is a company established in Poland. These companies were set up to commercialize the state-owned businesses after the end of communism in Poland.

The assets of the state-owned enterprise became the assets of the company, and the sum of the company's share capital and supplementary capital is equal to the funds of the state-owned enterprise. Employees of a commercialized enterprise became, by law, employees of the company. Employees of an enterprise transformed into a joint-stock company had the right to acquire 15% of shares owned by the State Treasury free of charge. The same privilege applies to suppliers of raw materials to the company.

A significant number of state-owned companies inherited from the Polish People's Republic are criticized as unprofitable and encouraging nepotism  and the extortion of public money .[1]

In 2012, there were 223 companies in which the rights from shares were exercised by the Minister of the Treasury.[2]

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