Sonchus kirkii

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Sonchus kirkii
Sonchus kirkii kz6.jpg

Declining (NZ TCS)[1]
Scientific classification e
Unrecognized taxon (fix): Sonchus
Binomial name
Sonchus kirkii
  • Sonchus littoralis (Kirk) Allan
  • Sonchus littoralis (Kirk) Cockayne

The shore puha which is also known as the New Zealand sow thistle, is a plant in the family of Asteraceae[3] on the classification scale. It grows near the ocean in New Zealand.[4] In Latin, the shore puha is called the Sonchus kirkii.

Appearance[change | change source]

The shore puha has green leaves that point up with spiky sides. On the top is a yellow flower. The shore puha can grow up to 30 centimeters tall. Sometimes it grows up to 100 centimeters.[5]

Conservation status[change | change source]

The conservation status of the shore puha is "declining" and its umbrella category is "at risk".[3]

Threats[change | change source]

Other species of weeds that grow faster might be the reason for the shore puha to be at "declining" because it is not as good as the others. The plants Sonchus asper and Sonchus oleraceus can take over the habitats that the shore puha likes and growing in the area faster. Up until the middle of the 1980s the shore puha was not in danger, but after that the amount of shore puhas left have been going down.[6]

Other names[change | change source]

Images[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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