Song Jin-woo

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Song Jin-woo (Korean: 송진우 Hanja 宋鎭禹, May 8 1889-December 30 1945), the Republic of Korean (대한민국; 大韓民國) politician, educationist, journalist, and founder of Korean Democratic party (한국민주당; 韓國民主黨), the Dong-A Ilbo(동아일보; 東亞日報). He is also known by his pen name Goha (고하; 古下).

when 1945, He was assassinated Provisional Government of Republic of Koreas(대한민국 임시정부; 大韓民國임시정부) Guard a terrorist organizations Baekuisa(백의사; 白衣社), aged 56. After he died he was given the Order of Merit for National Foundation(건국훈장; 建國勳章) in 1962.

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