South Chungcheong Province

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South Chungcheong Province
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hangul
 • Hanja
 • McCune‑ReischauerCh'ungch'ŏngnamdo
 • Revised RomanizationChungcheongnam‑do
Location of South Chungcheong Province
Coordinates: 36°30′N 126°45′E / 36.500°N 126.750°E / 36.500; 126.750Coordinates: 36°30′N 126°45′E / 36.500°N 126.750°E / 36.500; 126.750
CountrySouth Korea
Subdivisions8 cities; 7 counties
 • GovernorKim Tae-heum
 • Total8,204 km2 (3,168 sq mi)
 • Rank6th
 (October, 2014)
 • Total2,059,871[1]
 • Rank4th
 • Density235/km2 (610/sq mi)
Metropolitan Symbols
 • FlowerChrysanthemum
 • TreeWeeping willows
 • BirdMandarin duck

South Chungcheong Province is a region of western South Korea. It is one of the richest and fastest growing areas of South Korea. The provincial capital is called Hongseong.

History[change | change source]

In ancient times, South Chungcheong Province belonged to Mahan - the ancient tribal country of Korea. After Baekje conquered Mahan, it belonged to Baekje. Later, in the Goryeo Dynasty, it was grouped with current Gyeonggi-do and North Chungcheong into 'Gwangyang-do'. In the Joseon Dynasty, South Chungcheong and North Chungcheong were reorganized into Chungcheong-do. On October 4, 1896, it was separated as South Chungcheong.

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