South West Africa People’s Organisation

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The South West Africa People’s Organisation is a political party in Namibia. Its official name is the SWAPO Party of Namibia. It has been the most powerful party in the country since it became independent from South Africa in 1990. It was a former independence movement in South West Africa.

South West Africa People’s Organisation
LeaderHage Geingob
Secretary-GeneralSophia Shaningwa
FoundersAndimba Toivo ya Toivo
Sam Nujoma
Jacob Kuhangua
Louis Nelengani
Lucas Nepela
Founded19 April 1960; 61 years ago (1960-04-19)
NewspaperNamibia Today (1960-2015)
IdeologySocialism, Marxism
Political positionCentre-left to Left-wing
International affiliationSocialist International
Party flag
Flag of South West Africa People's Organisation.svg

History[change | change source]

Foundation[change | change source]

SWAPO was founded on 19 April 1960. The leaders named the party to show that it represented all Namibians but the organisation is popular among Ovambo people of northern Namibia, who made up nearly half the total population of South West Africa.[1]

South West Africa[change | change source]

During 1962, SWAPO had became the dominant independence, anti-colonial organisation for the people in Namibia. SWAPO used guerrilla tactics to fight the colonial South African Defence Force. A major conflict broke out on 26 of August 1966, when a unit of the South African Police exchanged fire with SWAPO forces. This became the start of what became known in South Africa as the Border War.

The neighbouring country of Angola gained its independence on 11 November 1975 during the Portuguese Colonial war. The leftist Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) came to power as the dominant party of Angola. In March 1976, the MPLA offered SWAPO bases in Angola for launching attacks against the South African military.

Modern Namibia[change | change source]

Namibia gained its independence in 1990. SWAPO have since be the dominant political party of Namibia.[1]

Noble members[change | change source]

Sam Nujoma

Hifikepunye Pohamba

Hage Geingob

Henock Kankoshi

Adolf Hitler Uunona

Jacob Kuhangua

Jafet Penda Ya Ndakolo

Theo-Ben Gurirab

Louis Nelengani

Nahas Angula

Lucas Nepela

References[change | change source]

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