Southern Region (Eritrea)

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Southern Zone
Zoba Debub
ዞባ ደቡብ
المنطقة الجنوبية
Regione del Sud
Debub Region in Eritrea
Debub Region in Eritrea
Coordinates: 14°48′N 39°00′E / 14.800°N 39.000°E / 14.800; 39.000Coordinates: 14°48′N 39°00′E / 14.800°N 39.000°E / 14.800; 39.000
 • Total8,000 km2 (3,000 sq mi)
 • Total1,476,765
 • Density180/km2 (480/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeER-DU

Southern Region is a region of Eritrea. It is also known as Debub Region. The capital city is Mendefera. The region was formed on 15 April 1996, from the historical provinces of Serae and Akele Guzai.

Mount Soira 3,018 m (9,902 ft), the highest point in Eritrea, is in the region.

The region has the following subregions: