Space rock

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Space rock
Stylistic origins Progressive rock, psychedelic rock, electronic music
Cultural origins Late 1960s, England
Typical instruments guitar, synthesiser, bass guitar, drums, vocals
Mainstream popularity Limited to a few groups as a specific genre, but often associated with more popular genres
Derivative forms Noise pop
Neo-psychedelia, post-rock, shoegazing
Fusion genres
Dream pop, stoner rock, ambient music
Other topics
Jam band

Space rock is a subgenre of rock music. The term originally referred to a group of early mostly British 1970s progressive rock and psychedelic bands such as Hawkwind and Pink Floyd.[1] The music is characterised by slow, lengthy instrumental passages dominated by synthesisers, experimental guitar work and science fiction lyrical themes. Later the words were changed to mean a series of late 1980s British alternative rock bands that drew from earlier influences to create a more melodic but still ambient form of pop music.[2]

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