Spider Riders

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Spider Riders
Format Animated television series
Country of origin  Canada,  Japan
No. of episodes 52 episodes ordered
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Original channel  United States The CW
 Canada Teletoon
 Japan TV Tokyo
 Japan Kids Station
Original run March 25, 2006April 29, 2007 (Canada)

Spider Riders is a Japanese anime television series. The series is based on as a series of science fiction novels. . The animated series is produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment of Canada and Bee Train of Japan. FUNimation is the company that controls the series in the United States.

Plot[change | change source]

While searching a cave, thirteen year old Hunter Steele finds a strange manacle that connects itself to him. When Hunter sees a spider, he falls. Hunter falls straight down to the center of the Earth, into the underground world of Arachna. Here, he finds a group of people fighting to save Arachna from the attack of giant insect mutants. The people fighting are kids, just like Hunter. Each one is fighting with the help of their own ten-foot spiders. They call themselves "Spider Riders."

The books[change | change source]

The anime is based on characters and stories for a series of science fiction books. There were three books in the series. The books in the Spider Riders series were:

  • Spider Riders: Shards of the Oracle
  • Spider Riders: Reign of the Soul Eater
  • Spider Riders: Quest of the Earthen

The first book was written by Tedd Anasti and Patsy Cameron-Anasti. Stephen D. Sullivan joined them and helped write the second and third books in the series. The books were first published in December 2004. They were published by Newmarket Press.