Sportverein Austria Salzburg

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SV Austria Salzburg
Full nameSportverein Austria Salzburg
Nickname(s)Violette (Violet-Whites),
Austrianer (SV Austria supporters)
GroundASKÖ-Sportanlage West
ChairmanAustrian Walter Windischbauer
ManagerAustrian Miroslav Polak
LeagueAustrian Regional League
2012/132nd Regionalliga West

The Sportverein Austria Salzburg (shortly SV Austria Salzburg) is an Austrian footballclub based in Salzburg. The club was founded in 2005 after the Red Bull takover of the old Austria Salzburg.

History[change | change source]

The club was founded in September 2005 after the Red Bull takover of the 1933 founded club SV Austria Salzburg. Due to differences about the new club supporters left the now socalled FC Red Bull Salzburg and founded SV Austria Salzburg. Role models were the fanbiased English clubs AFC Wimbledon and FC United of Manchester. The club claims to preserve the tradition of SV Austria Salzburg.

The season 2005/06 they played together with PSV Schwarz-Weiß in the Salzburger Landesliga (4th class) but at the end of the season the cooperation ended. The club has to start in the 7. class of Austrian football. The first match of the new SV Austria Salzburg was played on 29 July 2006 against Lieferinger SV, another football club from the city of Salzburg. SV Austria Salzburg won 6–0.But the following seasons they won the classes they played in so they play the season 2010/11 in the Regionalliga West, which is the 3rd class of Austrian league system.

Current squad[change | change source]

Nr. Name Nation Born Last team
1 Stefan Ebner AUT 15.09.1986 USK Anif
33 Lukas Mitterhofer AUT 06.08.1993 Ried Amateure/Neuhofen
Vladimir Zhilyaev RUS 18. 01. 1991 SV Kuchl
2 Fabio Strauss AUT 06.08.1994 AKA Salzburg
5 Felix Huspek AUT 13. 11. 1992 SV Wallern
20 Simon Sommer AUT 11.09.1990 USK Anif
8 Mihael Rajic AUT/SRB 08.10.1984 FC Pasching
17 Elias Kircher AUT 28.02.1990 FC Lustenau
16 Emre Uygur AUT 26. 02. 1993 FC Liefering
12 Aleksandar Simic AUT 24.01.1993 SV Grödig
6 Umberto Gruber AUT 15. 03. 1994 Ried Amateure/Neuhofen
4 Raphael Reifeltshammer AUT 30.01.1987 TSV Neumarkt
12 René Zia AUT 09.09.1991 USK Anif
13 Matthias Öttl GER 10.02.1992 FC Pasching
10 Raimund Friedl AUT 12.04.1988 USK Anif
18 Michael Perlak AUT 26.12.1985 USK Anif
21 Nicholas Mayer AUT 13.09.1989 BNZ Salzburg
23 Sebastian Zirnitzer AUT 15. 02. 1992 SV Wallern
11 Lukas Katnik AUT 31. 07. 1989 FC Pasching
24 Marko Vujic AUT 12.02.1984 LASK
9 Karim Onisiwo AUT 17.03.1992 SV Straßwalchen

Club honours[change | change source]

  • 1. Landesliga: Champions 2010
  • 2. Landesliga: Champions 2009
  • 1. Klasse Nord: Champions 2008
  • 2. Klasse Nord A: Champions 2007

Gallery[change | change source]

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