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An army sniper duo, made up of the sniper (left) and spotter (right).

A sniper team (or sniper cell) is made up of one or more snipers and support personnel such as a spotter.[1] Members can sometimes fulfill several roles. The spotter helps to closely observe the targets and their surroundings. The sniper fires the shots. Sometimes there may be extra members in the team, including someone to secure and defend the team's position, and to communicate with other teams. This third member is known as the flanker.

The spotter finds, watches, and assigns targets, and also watches to see whether the shot has hit or missed the target. They use a specialised telescope to do this. They also make calculations for distance and angle, and try to read the direction and strength of the wind. This is so that the sniper can make adjustments to the aim to make the shot more accurate.

As well as their long-range rifle, a sniper team is usually armed with a shorter-ranged weapon. This is to defend the team in case enemies come in close contact. Equally important is remaining hidden from view. Teams use camouflage, and choose locations where there is something for them to hide behind.[2][3]

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