Sriwijaya Air Flight 182

Coordinates: 05°57′36″S 106°34′30″E / 5.96000°S 106.57500°E / -5.96000; 106.57500
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Sriwijaya Air Flight 182
A view of the plane pushing back on the apron, seen from the left side. Behind it is an Air Asia A320 parked at its gate.
PK-CLC, the aircraft involved in the accident,
in December 2017 (its livery was later changed).[1]
Date9 January 2021 (9 January 2021)
SummaryCrashed; under investigation
(Search ongoing)
SiteSomewhere over Laki Island, Near Thousand Islands, Java Sea
05°57′36″S 106°34′30″E / 5.96000°S 106.57500°E / -5.96000; 106.57500
Aircraft typeBoeing 737-524
Aircraft nameCitra
OperatorSriwijaya Air
IATA flight No.SJ182
ICAO flight No.SJY182
Call signSRIWIJAYA 182
Flight originSoekarno–Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia
DestinationSupadio International Airport, Pontianak, Borneo / Kalimantan Island, Indonesia
Crew12 (including 6 non-operating crew)[2][3][4]

Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 was a flight that was supposed to go from Jakarta to Pontianak, another city in Indonesia. On 9 January 2021, the flight crashed into the sea four minutes after leaving the airport. There were 62 people on the plane. Everyone on board was killed.[5]

Flight[change | change source]

The flight was supposed to take off from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport at 13:25 local time and arrive at Supadio International Airport on the island of Java in Pontianak at 15:00 local time. Pontianak is the capital of the province of West Kalimantan and is on the island of Borneo.[6]

The flight took off at 14:36, much later than it was supposed to. Four minutes later, it lost radar contact with people at the airport.

Passengers[change | change source]

There were 62 people on the plane. 50 of them were passengers while 12 of them were crew members.

Search and rescue[change | change source]

People who went to the area found parts of the plane, jet fuel, things that belonged to passengers, and body parts there.

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