St. Matthew, Leipzig

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St. Matthew
  • Barfüßerkirche
  • Neukirche
  • Matthäikirche
Matthäikirche Leipzig 1749 Foto H.-P.Haack.JPG
Neukirche in 1749
51°20′29″N 12°22′16″E / 51.34139°N 12.37111°E / 51.34139; 12.37111Coordinates: 51°20′29″N 12°22′16″E / 51.34139°N 12.37111°E / 51.34139; 12.37111
Previous denominationCatholic
DedicationHoly Spirit (when Catholic)
Demolished4 December 1943
Matthäikirche c. 1912

The St. Matthew Church was a church in Leipzig, Germany. It was built in 1488. At first, it was a Franciscan church. From 1699, it was a Lutheran church. It was known as the Neukirche (English: "New Church"). In 1867, a new congregation was created. They named the church Matthäikirche. It was destroyed in 1943 during the Second World War.