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St Neot (Cornwall)

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Church of St Neot, famous for its late medieval stained glass

St Neot is a parish and village in Cornwall, United Kingdom. It is between the towns of Bodmin and Liskeard. The parish is named after the Saxon monk, Saint Neot (who also gives his name to St Neots in Cambridgeshire). On the northern side the parish includes part of Bodmin Moor and hamlets in the parish include Draynes, Ley and Pantersbridge.

During the English Civil War St Neot was staunchly Royalist. To commemorate this, each year on Oak Apple Day (29 May), an oak branch is mounted on the top of the church tower.[1]

The early medieval church building must have been smaller than the one in existence today and the church was rebuilt in granite in the 15th century. The fine stained glass windows are from about 1500.[2] The stained glass is partly original and partly from a restoration done by John Hedgeland, ca. 1830.[3]


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