St Paul's Island

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Saint Paul's Island(s)
Native name:
Gżira/Gżejjer ta' San Pawl
View of Saint Paul's Islands
Locationoff Malta, south of Sicily, Mediterranean Sea
Coordinates35°57′55″N 14°24′2″E / 35.96528°N 14.40056°E / 35.96528; 14.40056
ArchipelagoMaltese islands
Area0.101[1] km2 (0.039 sq mi)
Coastline0.9 km (0.56 mi)

St Paul's Island (Maltese: Il-Gżejjer ta' San Pawl), also known as Selmunett, is a small island off Selmun near the north-east of the main island of Malta. St Paul's Island is sometimes split into two islands and it is sometimes called to in the plural as St Paul's Islands.

St Paul's Island has been uninhabited since World War II, and it is the second largest uninhabited island of Malta, having an area of 0.1 square kilometres (0.04 square miles).

There are many shipwrecks on the island.[2][3]

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