Stanley Peak (Ball Range)

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Stanley Peak
Stanley Peak.jpg
Stanley Peak from Mt. Whymper, 2004
Highest point
Elevation3,155 m (10,351 ft)
Prominence248 m (814 ft)
Coordinates51°10′15″N 116°03′20″W / 51.17083°N 116.05556°W / 51.17083; -116.05556Coordinates: 51°10′15″N 116°03′20″W / 51.17083°N 116.05556°W / 51.17083; -116.05556
LocationKootenay National Park
 British Columbia
Parent rangeBall Range
Canadian Rocky Mountains
First ascent1901 by Edward Whymper and guides
Easiest routeDifficult scramble; UIAA III

Stanley Peak is a 3,155 m high mountain (10,335 ft) located in the Ball Range, at the northeastern section of Kootenay National Park, in Canadian Rocky Mountains (British Columbia / Canada).[1][2][3]

The mountain was named in 1901 by its first climber, the English explorer Edward Whymper, after Frederick Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby, the sixth Governor-General of Canada.[1][2][3] There are sources that date the namimg in 1912 after Stanley H. Mitchell, Secretary-Treasurer of Alpine Club of Canada.[4]

The peak is visible from the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 93. Stanley Glacier on the northeast face of the peak can be seen up close by following a hiking trail into a hanging valley between the peak and a southern outlier of Storm Mountain.

Stanley Peak can be ascended from a scrambling route by late summer but involves much route-finding among the many ledges and gullies on the north face. Climbing routes (UIAA III) travel the north and northeast faces.

Other BC peaks[change | change source]

There are another two peaks in British Columbia called Stanley Peak. One is 2,935 m high, located at the Squamish-Lillooet regional district (50°49′48″N 123°43′18″W / 50.83000°N 123.72167°W / 50.83000; -123.72167), 24 km north-west from Keyhole Falls and 62 km west from Gold Bridge,.[5]

The other is 2,030 m high, in the Stikine region (59°56′52″N 136°35′35″W / 59.94778°N 136.59306°W / 59.94778; -136.59306) (90 km north-west from Skagway, Alaska).[6]

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