Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a RPG video game set in the Star Wars expanded universe. It was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and was released in December 2004 on Xbox video game console and in February 2005 on PC.

Description[change | change source]

Developed with the Odissey Engine, the game is set five years after KotOR, or 3.951 BBY. After the Jedi Civil War, Revan left the Galaxy to find something in the unknown areas, something that could be a threat to the Old Republic. There are less than 100 Jedi left in the Galaxy after the brutal war against Darth Malak. They are killed, one by one, by Sith assassins who attack from the shadows.

The player takes the role of the "Jedi Exile", believed to be the last Jedi or one of the last. The player will meet several companions who will join him in his quest depending on his alignment and on the gender the player has chosen for his character. The Exile can eventually meet up to 11 characters: Kreia, Atton Rand, Bao-Dur, The Handmaiden (if the player is set to male), The Disciple (if the player is set to female), Mira (if the player is set to light-side), Hanharr (if the player is set to dark-side), T3-M4, HK-47, G0-T0, and Mandalore.