Starbuck Island

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Starbuck is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of Starbuck Island in the Pacific Ocean
Ruins of the 19th Century guano settlement on Starbuck Island

Starbuck Island (or Volunteer Island) is a coral atoll in the central Pacific. It is part of the Central Line Islands of Kiribati. No one lives on the island.

Geography, flora and fauna[change | change source]

Starbuck Island is located at 5°38′30″S 155°52′40″W / 5.64167°S 155.87778°W / -5.64167; -155.87778Coordinates: 5°38′30″S 155°52′40″W / 5.64167°S 155.87778°W / -5.64167; -155.87778. It is 8.9 kilometres (5.5 mi) east-to-west and 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) north-to-south. The island has a land area of 1,620 hectares (4,000 acres).[1] It is a low, dry, coral limestone island. It has a steep beach.

There is no freshwater on the island. Each year, the island gets about 800 millimetres (31 in) of rain.[1]

Starbuck Island has a large colony of Sooty Terns. It is estimated that 1.5 million pairs of the birds live on the island. The island is also a home to Polynesian Rats, feral cats, Green turtles and about fifteen other species of seabirds.[1]

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