Starlight (Warriors)

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Starlight is the fourth book in the second series of Warriors, The New Prophecy.

This book, and all following books in this series, takes place around a fictional lake. The lake has a small island in the southern end of it, and it has moorland, pine forest, deciduous forest (trees that lose their leaves in the winter), marsh, and some wooded area with more streams.

Plot[change | change source]

Leafpool[change | change source]

Leafpaw has to care for her Clan along with Cinderpelt, and she has a medium part in the novel. She stays with the rest of the Clans when the journeying cats went around the lake, finding some suitable territory. She does find the Moonpool in the middle of the book, earning her her name, Leafpool. Also, she loves Crowfeather (which is forbidden, as Leafpool is a medicine cat and Crowfeather is a cat in another Clan), and eventually gets caught in the next book. But back to the point. Leafpool discovers that Brambleclaw had been talking with Hawkfrost and Tigerstar in dreams. She wonders if he is loyal to the Clan.

Squirrelflight[change | change source]

Squirrelpaw gets her name sooner than Leafpool, and her name is Squirrelflight. She goes around the lake, and she is the one to find an ideal camp for ThunderClan. Once the Clan reaches the camp, Squirrelflight starts liking Ashfur instead, due to Brambleclaw speaking with his halfbrother at Gatherings. She, like Leafpool, wonders if Brambleclaw is loyal to ThunderClan. Eventually, though, they come to like each other again.

Brambleclaw[change | change source]

Brambleclaw goes around the lake. Later, he starts having dreams. In those dreams, he talks with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost.