Statehood Day (Slovenia)

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Statehood Day
Official nameSlovene: Dan državnosti
Observed bySlovenia
Date25 June

Statehood Day (Slovene: Dan državnosti) is a holiday in Slovenia. It takes place on 25 June. The holiday is the day the country said is was indepentant from Yugoslavia in 1991. The formal declaration of independence did not come until 26 June 1991 but Statehood Day is 25 June. This is because that was the date when the first acts about independence were passed and Slovenia became independent.[1][2][3] This declaration started the Ten-Day War with Yugoslavia, which Slovenia won.[4][5]

Statehood Day is not the same as Slovenia's Independence and Unity Day. That holiday is celebrated each year on 26 December. It honours the 26 December 1990 statement of the results of the plebiscite held three days earlier. In that, 88.5% of all Slovenian voters wanted Slovenia to become a sovereign nation.[3]

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