States Assembly

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States Assembly
Assemblée des États (in French)
Êtats d'Jèrri (in Jèrriais)
Tim Le Cocq
Since October 2019
Senator John Le Fondré
Since 7 June 2018
Seats54 (49 voting)
States of Jersey Composition.svg
Political groups
Senators (8)
  •   Independents (5)
  •   Jersey Alliance (1)
  •   Progress Party (1)
  •   Reform Jersey (1)

Connétables (12)

Deputies (29)

Last election
16 May 2018
Next election
2 June 2022
Meeting place
States of Jersey Chamber.jpg
Chamber of the States Assembly, St Helier

The States Assembly (French: Assemblée des États; Jèrriais: Êtats d'Jèrri) is the parliament of the British Crown dependency of Jersey.[1] They are elected directly every four years.

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