Stefano Cicchini

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Stefano Cicchini
BornLarino, Italy
OccupationBlogger, influencer

Stefano Cicchini is an Italian blogger, and influencer marketing manager.[1]

Career[change | change source]

Stefano is mostly known for his collaborations with the national and international brands in Italy. In 2018 he took part in the sponsorship campaign for the first Formula E Grand Prix in Rome, also in the same year he was the Italian testimonial for Greenpeace's #worldmeatfree campaign and testimonial for the presentation event of the new Toyota Aygo in Copenhagen.[2]

He actively collaborates with tourism bodies in the creation of content to share on Social Networks, in 2019 he documented one of the most anticipated parties in Spain, Las Fallas in Valencia, as well as being a guest of the tourism bodies of Finland, Holland, Thailand and Poland.[3][4] He is considered among the most authoritative Italian experts in the field of influencer marketing.[5] He organized consultancy for an international brand, such as Puma. Since 2019 he served as the influencer marketing manager for Velvet Media Italia.[6]

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