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Stev is a form of poetry. It can be found in lyric poetry from Scandinavia. Stev are made of stanzas, that have four lines

The different types of stev[change | change source]

There are different types of stev:

The people who can perform stev[change | change source]

A person who can perform a stev, is known as a kveder ( a type of artist ). Aslak Brekke is possibly the most well known of those who have been recorded. A kveder from Setesdal, when performing stev, usually sings more slowly, than a kveder from Telemark.[ref 2] One reason for this may be that the text of Setesdal stev are usually more meditative (or elegiac).[ref 2]

Notes[change | change source]

  1. "inn-stev" can also be spelled "innstev"
  2. "etter-stev" can also be spelled "etterstev"
  3. "mellom-sleng" can also be spelled "mellomsleng"
  4. "etter-sleng" can also be spelled "ettersleng"

References[change | change source]

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