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The Common Green, the centre of Strathaven

Strathaven (Gaelic: Srath Aibhne /stra 'əjnə/) (pronounced: Stra'ven [ˈstɹeɪvn̩], meaning: valley of the Avon)[source?] is a small town in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The town has was granted a Royal Charter in 1450, making the Town of Strathaven a Burgh of Barony.

Strathaven railway stations[change | change source]

Strathaven had, at various times, three railway stations.

Sport[change | change source]

Strathaven is home to several sports clubs, which include:

  • Strathaven Dynamo AFC
  • Strathaven Rugby Club
  • Strathaven Golf Club
  • Strathaven Bowling Club
  • Avondale Bowling Club
  • Strathaven Tennis Club
  • Strathaven Badminton Club (Currently Meets in Larkhall due to the rebuilding of the sports centre).

Famous Residents (Past and Present)[change | change source]

Coordinates: 55°40′37.65″N 4°4′0.47″W / 55.6771250°N 4.0667972°W / 55.6771250; -4.0667972