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Subprefectures of Japan

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Subprefectures of Japan (支庁, shichō) are a Japanese form of self-government which focuses on local issues below the prefectural level.

Each subprefecture is part of the greater administration of the prefecture and the national state. It is also as part of a self-government system.[1]

History[change | change source]

Subprefectures were given a definite form in 1878 (Meiji 11).[2]

The Meiji government established the sub-prefecture (, -gun) as an administrative unit.[1]

In 1888 (Meiji 21), the sub-prefecture as a form of self-government was officially recognized as more general than civic corporations like cities, towns and villages.[2]

Some prefectures of Japan include subprefectures. The subprefecture is the jurisdiction surrounding a "branch office" of the prefectural government.

Current subprefectures[change | change source]

Former subprefectures[change | change source]

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References[change | change source]

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