Sudan People's Liberation Movement

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Sudan's people liberation army (SPLA) and Sudan's people liberation movement is a political party in South Sudan. It was founded as a resistance movement / rebel group in 1963. As Sudan's people liberation army, it fought against the Sudanese government, in the Sudanese Civil War. This war ended in 2005. Officially, the movement wanted to create a free secular Sudan, which it called "New Sudan". In reality, however, many people in the movement wanted to create an independent state, South Sudan. In 2005, there was a peace treaty. From that moment, until 2011, the SPLM was part of the Sudanese government. Since the independence of South Sudan in 2011, the SPLM is de facto the only party in the country. In the south, the SPLA will become the regular army. In the north, the SPLM is still part of the government. In the provinces South Kordofan and Blue Nile, the SPLA is one of the armies fighting the government.