Summer of Love

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The Summer of Love is the name for the summer of 1967 in the United States, especially in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, California. Thousands of young people from all over the world went to San Francisco to help create a hippie counterculture.[1] The Summer of Love made the rest of America much more aware of the hippie movement. The Human Be-In is often called the start of the Summer of Love, although it happened in January of that year.

During the Summer of Love, as many as 100,000 young people from around the world travelled to San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district, Berkeley, California, and other cities in the San Francisco area. Once there, they joined in a popular version of the hippie experience. The people who were a part of the Summer of Love are sometimes called "Flower Children". When these new Flower Children returned home at the end of summer, they brought their new clothing, ideas and behaviors to most major cities in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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