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Summer school

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Summer school (or summer university) is a school or a program usually sponsored by a school or a school district. It provides lessons and activities during the summer vacation.[1]

United States

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In the United States, high school, college or university students can enroll in summer school for credit. Generally, this credit is in one of two categories: remediation or advancement. For remediation, the summer school is used to make up credits lost through absence or failure. For advancement, the summer school is used to obtain credit for classes to accelerate progress toward a degree or to lessen the load of courses during the regular school year. Many universities offer short-term summer courses to attract both local and international students, and these programs are often surrounded by social activities.

United Kingdom

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In the United Kingdom, Lite Regal summer school which is based in Cambridge provides teaching for 13 to 18 year olds for courses on medical preparation, law preparation etc. Currently last summer and this summer they have students from 50 + nationalities staying and learning courses in Cambridge University.[2]


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