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A superhero is a fictional character who protects innocent people and fights for good.

Modern superheroes usually have superhuman powers, for example have better senses, are stronger and faster than normal humans. Usually a superhero is courageous and noble. They usually have a colorful name and costume.

Some well known superheroes include Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk ,The Thing, Thor and Wonder Woman.

Some superheroes don't actually have super powers but are merely strong individuals who want to do good in the world. For example, Batman doesn't have any superpowers, but has been through years of training to be physically and mentally stronger than his enemies.

Most superheroes keep their identities a secret by wearing masks or helmets. This is because superheroes don't want for villains to know who they are because then they would be able to hurt superheroes' friends and family. Also, because superheroes don't fight within the regulations of the law like police officers do, they would have to be arrested for vigilantism if they revealed their identities.

Also, many superheroes have tragic backstories that play into why they're superheroes in the first place. Batman, for example, saw both of his parents murdered in front of him and dedicated himself to fighting crime to prevent things like that happening to other people. Another example of this is Spider-Man who let a thief go that he could've easily stopped; that same thief later broke into his home and killed Spider-Man's uncle. After this, Spider-Man realized that he had to be responsible with his power and use it to help other.

Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk)

His powers are: super strength super jump


When he is Bruce Banner he wears a normal everyday outfit. When he is Hulk he has green skin with black hair and a pair of purple pants


His enemies are:

Ultron Loki Red hulk Maestro Doctor doom


His name is Bruce banner but when he's angry he is the Hulk and his age is 24!!!!!!

Wonder Woman Her real name is Maria Mendoza. Her age is 61. Her powers are that she is strong and powerful like men. One of her villains + − is called Daffodil the other one of her enemies is called the Baroness. Another is called the Duke of Description. + − Her costume is made out of silk fabric and it is blue, red, yellow and gold.


Bat Girl was created in 1961. Her real name is Betty Cane. Her powers are super strength,speed and she can glide.Her costume is midnight black,it's stylish and leathery with a very cool mask and a yellow belt also a bat logo.Her enemies are Bane,Black Mask,Cat Woman,Clay Face,Harley Quin,Mr freeze,Poison Ivy, Calculator,Fire Fly.She has appeared in DC Comics.She is very famous for being a superhero.She is very heroic,brave and very strong for a lady.She is admired by lots of girls who love superheroes.Also She has appeared in lots of movies.She has over 1000 fans (That's why shes famous). She was created 54 years ago and still famous and good looking.Bat Girl was followed by Bat man.Bat man was created in 1960 and she was created in 1961 that was 1 year after Bat man she was created after Batman because they thought they wanted a girl version so that's how Bat Girl became famous.

Batman + Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk) − Batman`s name is Bruce Wayne.

Some of Batman`s villains are Bane,Killer Kroc,The Joker and Slade. His powers are: super strength and super jump. Batman wear`s black and grey. Batman`s logo looks like his batterang His powers are pretty much just strength.