Superhero (Stephen Lynch album)

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Live album by
ReleasedJanuary 14, 2003
RecordedMarch 14; 15; 20; and 21, 2002 at Rascal's Comedy Club, West Orange, New Jersey; Rascal's Comedy Club, Ocean Township, New Jersey; Governor's, Levittown, New York; and Gotham Comedy Club, New York City, New York
LabelHaHa/What Are Records?
Stephen Lynch chronology
'A Little Bit Special
Superhero 'The Craig Machine

Superhero is a live album by comedian Stephen Lynch that has many kinds of comedy songs on it. "Priest", "Mother's Day", and "Lullaby (The Divorce Song)" were originally recorded on his first CD A Little Bit Special. It was recorded live at four different comedy clubs in New York and New Jersey. Along with A Little Bit Special and The Craig Machine, the albums have sold over 250,000 copies.

His second official album, Superhero, released in 2002, with What Are Records?, was also a live album, and was given better reviews than the first, partly because of strong audience response. The title track, "Superhero", was 8 minutes and 58 seconds long, and mainly consists of Lynch listening to the audience suggest names for superheroes.

Track listing[change | change source]

All songs written and composed by Stephen Lynch

No. Title Length
1. "Talk to Me"   3:20
2. "Dr. Stephen"   2:11
3. "Priest" (bonus live version) 4:29
4. "Country Love Song"   2:12
5. "Superhero"   8:58
6. "What If That Guy from Smashing Pumpkins Lost His Car Keys?"   0:53
7. "Mother's Day" (bonus live version) 1:07
8. "Taxi Driver"   1:28
9. "For the Ladies"   1:24
10. "Grandfather"   2:36
11. "Bowling Song (Almighty Malachi, Professional Bowling God)"   5:01
12. "She Gotta Smile"   2:58
13. "Best Friends Song"   2:03
14. "D & D"   2:47
15. "Down to the Old Pub Instead"   3:13
16. "Lullaby (The Divorce Song)" (bonus live version)  

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