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Suraj Narredu (born 7 February 1985), is a licensed Indian jockey based in Bangalore.

Part of the horse racing circuit for almost ten years and a licensed jockey for the last 8 years, Narredu comes from family which been involved in horseracing for many years. His father Satish Narredu is a senior horse trainer and his uncle Malesh Narredu a champion jockey.[1] Suraj races in Bangalore, Mysore, Pune and Mumbai, all important hubs of this equestrian-lifestyle sport in India. He also rides around the world and is a regular across major South-East Asian race hubs. In December 2009, he won the Mauritius Turf Club's Prestigious Rising Star Championship.[2]

Having won the Delhi Derby in January 2010, Narredu was to ride tote favorite 'Sun Kingdom' at Kingfisher Derby on 11th July 2010.[3] However, he lost the race to international jockey Richard Hughes.[4]

Suraj Narredu is the youngest Indian jockey to have won over 970 races closing in on a 1000 wins very soon.

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