Susana Trimarco

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Susana Trimarco with her missing daughter (right)
Susana Trimarco (right) in 2007

Susana Trimarco or Sara Susana del Valle Trimarco de Veron (born May 25, 1954 in San Miguel de Tucumán) is an Argentinian mother. In 2007 she received the International Women of Courage Award.[1]

In 2002, Trimarco's daughter, Maria de los Angeles Veron ("Marita"), disappeared. She was kidnapped by human traffickers. Trimarco went to brothels to look for her daughter. She said she wanted to buy women. She did not find Marita, but she found 129 other women and got their freedom. [2]

Trimarco saved many women. Some of them stayed at her house. Finally there were so many women she could not take care of them, so she started the Fundacion Maria de los Angeles, named for her daughter.

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