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Suvarnabhumi Airport is the main international airport of Bangkok, Thailand. It is in Bangchoung, Rachatawa, Noungprue and Bangphli district Samutprakarn province.[1] The area of the airport is about 32 square kilometres (12 sq mi). It is six times bigger than Donmueang Airport.

Budget[change | change source]

The Thai government gave a budget of about 150,000 million baht (US$4.9 billion or 3.7 billion euro) to build this international airport. This included investment of Government service and State Enterprises of 137,000 million baht ($4.46 billion), and private company about 13,000 million baht ($423 million). The airport could support the passengers more than 45 million people. It was designed by Helmut Jahn.

International airlines[change | change source]

International airlines included of 102 airways and 142 cities. There are:

Domestic airlines[change | change source]

Most domestic airlines fly from Don Mueang Airport, but the following airlines fly from Suvarnabhumi:

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