Suzy Spafford

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Suzy Spafford
Toledo, Ohio
United States
Notable worksSuzy's Zoo characters
Notable awardsNational Cartoonist Society Greeting Card Award, 1996

Suzy Spafford (born 1945 in Toledo, Ohio) is an American cartoonist. She is best known for drawing animal characters.[1][2] Her Suzy's Zoo picture book is her most successful work.[3] The book's characters have been made into greeting cards, stickers, stationery and calendars. The products are sold in thousands of stores all over the world.[4][5] She has also written several dozen books for children, including the Tales from Duckport series.[6][7] Her pictures have been attracted by a lot of people in San Diego since 1967. She created her own greeting card company, Suzy's Zoo Studios, in 1968.

Suzy's Zoo[change | change source]

Characters[change | change source]

  • "Witzy", a baby duck, is the main character of Suzy's Zoo. He was based on Suzy's little brother, Johnny.
  • "Boof" is Witzy's best friend; a teddy bear. He is an old teddy bear so he is fixed several times by Witzy’s mom.
  • "Lulla" is a fashionable and tidy stuffed toy rabbit. She has a wind-up key on her back, and when Witzy turn the key she begin to sing a sleepy song.
  • "Ellie Funt" is a shy stuffed toy elephant. She is made from the old bathrobe by Witzy’s mom.
  • "Patches" is a brave stuffed toy giraffe and he follows Witzy at night so Patches is not afraid of the dark. He is always full of energy and impishness.
  • "Tickle" is a lady bug live in the backyard. By the way, Witzy calls all lady bugs in his backyard "Tickle".
  • "Peek-a-boo" is a small snail live in the backyard. She likes play hide-and-seek with her friends.
  • "Zoom-Zoom" is Witzy’s favorite grasshopper. He is always hopping in the backyard.
  • "Teeter & Totter" are the twin turtles but they have a different color shell. Teeter is a girl and Totter is a boy. They are always together when they play in the backyard.

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