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Sveagruva, in 2019

Sveagruva (sometimes called Svea, translates to 'mine of the Swedes') was a mining settlement on Spitsbergen. It was used to get coal from the Svea Nord mine, the biggest mine on Spitsbergen. It is the southernomst settlement on Spitsbergen, not counting the Polish research station at Hornsund. The mine was closed in 2016. Only few people permanently lived in Sveagruva. Most poeple lived in Longyearbyen with their families, and commuted to work.

There are no roads to connect Sveagruva to other settlements. There is an airport, and there is a port, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) away. The coal was transported by ship, the people used airplanes. Since 2020, there have not been permanent residents in Sveagruva. It is a ghost town.