Swedish Armed Forces

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Swedish Armed Forces
Coat of arms of the Swedish Armed Forces
Coat of Arms of the Swedish Armed Forces
War flag of Sweden
War flag and Naval Ensign of Sweden
Founded1521; 503 years ago (1521)
Current form1975; 49 years ago (1975)
Service branches
Commander-in-chiefGovernment (Kristersson Cabinet)
Minister of Defence Pål Jonson
Supreme Commander General Micael Bydén
Director GeneralMikael Granholm
Chief of Defence StaffVice Admiral Jonas Haggren
Military age18–47[1]
Available for
military service
3,020,782 males, age 18–47 (2017 est.),
2,760,451 females, age 18–47 (2017 est.)
Fit for
military service
1,980,592 males, age 18–47 (2017 est.),
1,649,875 females, age 18–47 (2017 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
58,937 males (2017 est.),
56,225 females (2017 est.)
Active personnel23,600[5]
Reserve personnel31,300[5]
Budget81 billion kr (2021)[6]
Percent of GDP1.3% (2022)[7]
Domestic suppliersBAE Systems AB
Saab Bofors Dynamics
Saab AB
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The Swedish Armed Forces (Swedish: Försvarsmakten, "the Defense Force") is the government agency that makes up the armed forces of Sweden. It defends the country and helps international peacekeeping. It also gives humanitarian aid. It is made of the Swedish Army, the Swedish Air Force and the Swedish Navy, as well as a military reserve force, the Home Guard. Since 1994, all Swedish military branches are in one unified government agency. They are led by the Supreme Commander.

The Swedish Armed Forces is made up of 23,600 active personnel, 11,200 military reserves, 24,000 Home Guard and 5,200 conscripts (set to go up to 8,000 conscripts by 2024) as of 2022.

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