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The Swedish Social Democratic Party (Swedish: Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti) was established on 23 April 1889, and is Sweden's biggest political party of social democracy. The party has been in the lead with a Prime Minister for the longest and most amount of time in Sweden. Stefan Löfven is the current leader for the party. The party lost to the Moderate Party in the 2006 elections, but will have a new chance to take over the power again in 2014.

Olof Palme, one of Sweden's most famous politicians, was the party leader from October many years before he was murdered in February 1986.

Years in power[change | change source]

  • Cabinet Branting I, 1920,
  • Cabinet Branting II, 1921-1923,
  • Cabinet Branting III, 1924-1925,
  • Cabinet Sandler, 1925-1926,
  • Cabinet Hansson I, 1932-1936,
  • Cabinet Hansson II, 1936-1940,
  • SamlingsCabinet (Cabinet Hansson III), 1940-1945,
  • Cabinet Hansson IV, 1945-1946,
  • Cabinet Erlander I, 1946-1951,
  • Cabinet Erlander II, 1951-1957 (With Bondeförbundet),
  • Cabinet Erlander III, 1957-1969,
  • Cabinet Palme I, 1969-1976,
  • Cabinet Palme II, 1982-1986,
  • Cabinet Carlsson I, 1986-1990,
  • Cabinet Carlsson II, 1990-1991,
  • Cabinet Carlsson III, 1994-1996,
  • Cabinet Persson, 1996-2006,

Election results[change | change source]

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