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Syndrome of subjective doubles

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Some people believe that they have a double or Doppelgänger, which looks the same, but which has different character traits. They also think that this Doppelgänger is leading a life of his or her own.[1][2] This condition has been classified as a delusion, and is also called the syndrome of doubles of the self,[3] delusion of subjective doubles,[1] or simply subjective doubles. Sometimes, the patient is under the impression that there is more than one double.[1] A double may be projected onto any person, from a stranger to a family member.[4]

This syndrome is often diagnosed together with another mental disorder, such as schizophrenia or other disorders involving psychotic hallucinations.[5] There is no widely accepted method of treatment, as most patients require individualized therapy. The prevalence of this disease is relatively low, as few cases have been reported since the disease was defined in 1978 by George Nikolaos Christodoulou (b.1935), a Greek-American Psychiatrist.[5][6] However, subjective doubles is not clearly defined in literature,[7] and therefore may be under-reported.[5]

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