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t. A. T. u.
t.A.T.u. at the Viva Comet concert in Poland (2008)
Background information
OriginMoscow, Russia
GenresElectronica,[1] pop, rock, dance[2][3]
Years active1999–2011 , 2014 , 2016 , 2022-present
LabelsNeformat 2000–2004
Universal 2001–2006
Interscope 2002–2006
T.A. Music 2005–2011
Soyuz Music 2008
Misteriya Zvuka 2009
Coqueiro Verde Record 2009
Pelo Music 2010
Past member(s)Lena Katina
Yulia Volkova

t.A.T.u., or known in Russian as Тату, was a Russian pop music duet, made up of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. The group was formed in 1999 in Moscow. Their albums include "200 Russian "200 Po Vstrechnoy", "200 km/h in the wrong lane", "Lyudi Invalidy", "Dangerous and moving" and "Waste management". They split in 2011.[4]

Career[change | change source]

t.A.T.u. released their first single "All the Things She Said" in 2002. It reached number one in the United Kingdom.[5] The song is about a relationship between two girls. In the music video Lena and Yulia kiss each other. ITV banned it from their show CD:UK. In 2003 t.A.T.U performed "Ne Ver', Ne Boysia" at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest for their country Russia. They came third.

t.A.T.u performed at the Sochi Winter Olympics.[6]

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