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Did you know...

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23:26, 17 January 2024 (UTC)

  • ... that when Bob Barker (pictured) retired at aged 83, he held the record of oldest person to host a regularly scheduled game show?
  • ... that fashion for plus-size models has existed since 1900?
  • ... that the microwave oven was invented by accident when Percy Spencer was working with microwaves and noticed that a chocolate bar in his pocket had started to melt?
  • ... that President of the Philippines Bongbong Marcos is facing arrest in the United States for not paying US$353 million to human rights abuse victims of his father's dictatorship?
  • ... that the Luttra Woman likely had a violent death?
  • 12:54, 11 February 2024 (UTC)

    "The Blue Marble" in 1972

  • ... that the living part of Earth's (pictured) surface is called the "biosphere"?
  • ... that KFC is considered a Christmas tradition in Japan?
  • ... that Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez is a supporter of cryptocurrency and takes his salary in Bitcoins?
  • ... that between 10 and 40 percent of child soldiers are girls?
  • ... that even over half a century after the event, no full evaluation of the risk and impact of the first nuclear test has been done?
  • 19:53, 1 March 2024 (UTC)

    Heloísa Pinheiro in 2006

  • ... that the songwriters for the bossa nova song "The Girl from Ipanema", wrote it after seeing 17-year-old model Heloísa Pinheiro (pictured) walking down Ipanema?
  • ... that in the 1780s, Christian Gottlieb Kratzenstein built a machine that was able to imitate speech sounds?
  • ... that before becoming Governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum owned a small technological startup company and sold it to Microsoft for $1.1 billion in 2001?
  • ... that County Hall in London, a grade II* listed building, now hosts an aquarium?
  • ... that the Eiffel Tower in Paris was initially constructed as a temporary exhibit for the 1889 World's Fair, but it has since become one of the most iconic landmarks in the world?
  • 02:54, 16 March 2024 (UTC)

    A Whopper

  • ... that when the Whopper (pictured) was introduced in 1957 it only cost 37 cents in the United States?
  • ... that there have been 161 Nobel Laureates from Harvard University?
  • ... that survivors of a 2023 fire in Johannesburg, South Africa refused to be moved because they were worried about being deported?
  • ... that when a person takes medications intravenously, they start working within 15 to 30 seconds?
  • ... that the Solar System is about 4.568 billion years old?
  • 19:54, 1 April 2024 (UTC)

    Claudia Sheinbaum in 2018

  • ... that in 2018, Claudia Sheinbaum (pictured) became the first woman and first Jew to be elected as Head of Government of Mexico City?
  • ... that Neurolinguistic programming started as science in the 1970s, but is considered pseudoscience today?
  • ... that Michelle Yeoh is the first Asian to win the Academy Award for Best Actress?
  • ... that the Great Lakes in Canada and the United States is the largest group of fresh water lakes in the world?
  • ... that in May 2022, Venezuelan farmer Juan Vicente Pérez became the last living man who was born in the 1900s decade?
  • 19:53, 17 April 2024 (UTC)

    An eccentric sand dollar

  • ... that certain species of sand dollar (pictured) clone themselves to better escape some predators?
  • ... that when Dick Clark was running for the U.S. Senate, he walked 1,300 miles across Iowa to raise awareness of his campaign?
  • ... that a 16th century text on syphilis contains the first documented description on how to use a condom?
  • ... that before becoming Moldova's first female president, Maia Sandu worked at the World Bank in Washington, D.C.?
  • ... that Japan is called "Nihon" or "Nippon" in Japanese which means "the origin of the Sun"?
  • ... that the Mud March was an attempt by Union Army Major General Ambrose Burnside to attack Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia?
  • 19:54, 10 May 2024 (UTC)

    One of the columns of the Mezquita de Córdoba mosque

  • ... that the Mezquita de Córdoba mosque (pictured) in Spain is supported by over 850 columns?
  • ... that at age 88, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter helped build homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012?
  • ... the first country to make metal coins was called Lydia?
  • ... that the Amazon Rainforest has so much biodiversity that it makes 20% of the world's oxygen, earning it the title "The Lungs of the Earth"?
  • ... that female indentured servants who were raped by their masters and became pregnant would have their contract increased by two years?
  • ... that before becoming "The Unabomber", Ted Kaczynski was a child prodigy and an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley?
  • 11:17, 4 June 2024‎ (UTC)

    Portrait of Woodrow Wilson in 1912

  • ... that because of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson (pictured) the League of Nations was founded and he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919?
  • ... that Antarctica is the largest and coldest desert?
  • ... that at age 52, Shinzo Abe was the youngest person elected as prime minister of Japan in its post-war history?
  • ... that sometime during the 17th century, the decorated walking stick replaced the sword carried by aristocrats as a status symbol?
  • ... that in some cultures, women would sometimes be naked until marriage, because people thought they had nothing to hide?
  • ... that even though they were first described in 1839, hamsters were not successfully bred and domesticated until 1939?
  • 23:59, 18 June 2024‎ (UTC)

    Calling the Roll After An Engagement, Crimea

  • ... that the 1874 military painting Calling the Roll After An Engagement, Crimea (pictured) by Elizabeth Thompson was bought by Queen Victoria?
  • ... that Lichen can live on bare rock, walls, trees, wood, gravestones, and on exposed soil surfaces?
  • ... that Carly Fiorina entered an election for the United States Senate less than a year after surviving breast cancer?
  • ... that Canada was pre-approved to become part of the United States in the Articles of Confederation section 11 without further votes?
  • ... that The Chaos is a poem that shows that in English many words are not pronounced the way they are written?
  • ... that because of his illness with diverticulitis, Tancredo Neves was never inaugurated as President of Brazil and remained as president-elect until his death in 1985?
  • 18:05, 9 July 2024 (UTC)

    Hélène Carrère d'Encausse in 2013

  • ... that even though she was the first woman as the head of the Académie Française, Hélène Carrère d'Encausse (pictured) insisted on using the male form of her title?
  • ... that the Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia, is the world's largest coral reef system and can even be seen from outer space?
  • ... that glam rock musician Marc Bolan, who never learned how to drive a car because of a fear of dying young, died in a car crash at aged 29?
  • ... that the first known dinosaurs were bipedal predators that were one to two metres long?
  • ... that Wikipedia started in early 2001 as a "feeder" website to Nupedia?
  • ... that because of the way they treat women, the infant mortality in Afghanistan has gone up since the Taliban took power in 2021?