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This page shows all the hooks currently in the queue for moving to the Main page. If all queues displayed in one place, it can help to give users an idea of how full DYK is. It might also help to know whether or not their hooks have been updated.

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Queues[change source]

Queue 1

From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:


  • ... that nuthatches (pictured) can run down trees head-first and hang upside down?
  • ... that the name of Kiribati comes from the way local people say its older British name Gilberts?
  • ... that in 2016, Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite legally changed his name to Michael Caine to make security checks at airports easier?
  • ... that the album Songs for the Deaf was made to sound similar to listening to music from radio stations while driving a car?
  • ... that when he was elected President of Mexico in 2018, Andrés Manuel López Obrador became the first presidential candidate to win more than 50% of the vote since 1988?
  • Queue 2

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Ashenda Group (35136520136).jpg

  • ... that during Ashenda (pictured), Ethiopian and Eritrean girls sing and dance at every house in town?
  • ... that when Sanna Marin became the Prime Minister of Finland at age 34, she became the youngest prime minister in Finland's history?
  • ... that a 1987 study about the Birthday effect, found that women are more likely to die right before their birthdays while men are more likely to die right after their birthdays?
  • ... that Solomon Northup spent 12 years as a slave after being drugged and kidnapped in 1841?
  • ... that betweeen 60 and 95% of adults may be infected with Herpes?
  • Queue 3

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Lincoln inaugural bible.jpg

  • ... that the bible (pictured) used by Abraham Lincoln at his first inauguration, was also used for the inaugurations of Barack Obama and Donald Trump?
  • ... that before photosynthesis, the Earth's atmosphere had almost no oxygen?
  • ... that Thomas Mifflin was expelled from the Religious Society of Friends because he joined the military and they are pacifists?
  • ... that Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first public defender, and the first black woman, to become an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States?
  • ... that Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht, BWV 211, is a cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach about drinking coffee?
  • Queue 4

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Opal Lee in 2021

  • ... that at age 89, Opal Lee (pictured) walked from Fort Worth, Texas to Washington, D.C. hoping to make Juneteenth a federal holiday?
  • ... that former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel in 2000 that later became a bestselling book?
  • ... that the casino resort Bally's Chicago was proposed so its revenue would give money to Chicago's police and firefighter pension fund?
  • ... that Justin Trudeau led a government with less than 35% of the national popular vote after the 2019 election?
  • ... that "Can't Help Falling in Love" was the last song Elvis Presley performed live at a concert before his death?
  • Queue 5

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    Bradley Winslow, 1898.jpg

  • ... that Bradley Winslow (pictured) was brevetted by Abraham Lincoln after being shot during the Siege of Petersburg?
  • ... that Christine Lagarde, the current head of the European Central Bank, won a bronze medal in synchronized swimming when she was a teenager?
  • ... that when Primus played the song "My Name is Mud" at a concert in 1994, people threw mud at them?
  • ... that Anthony Albanese is the first Italian-Australian prime minister in Australia's history?
  • ... that sex toys have been used for medical therapies?
  • Queue 6

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    01.01.2023 - Cumprimentos dos chefes de Estado e de Governo - 52621398977 (cropped).jpg

  • ... that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (pictured) became active in Brazil's labour movement after he lost his finger in a work accident at aged 19?
  • ... that Thomas Henry Huxley said that birds and dinosaurs were related about 100 years before it was proven?
  • ... that Tomorrow's Pioneers was a children's television show made by Palestinian Sunni Islamist militant group Hamas?
  • ... that the Millau Viaduct is the tallest bridge in the world?
  • ... that F. W. Murnau, one of the most prolific authors of silent movies, was openly homosexual?
  • Queue 7

    From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

    King Constantine.jpg

  • ... that Constantine II of Greece (pictured), the last king of Greece, held an Olympic medal for sailing?
  • ... that when Juana Maria was found in 1853, no one could understand the language she spoke?
  • ... that between 1966 to 2012, about one-third of the world's public mass shootings were in the United States?
  • ... that Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago has over 100 different types of reef fish, and some of them are only found there?
  • ... that Gustavo Petro is Colombia's first left-wing president and was a member of a guerilla group?