Taare Zameen Par

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Taare Zameen Par (titled Like Stars on Earth internationally) is a 2007 Indian Hindi-language family drama movie. Amir Khan produced and directed it. The film stars Darsheel Safary and Aamir Khan. It is about a child with dyslexia.

Story[change | change source]

The film is about a 8-year-old dyslexic child named Ishaan Awasthi. He does well in art class but not in his other classes. His teachers and principal gives him a report card showing his low grades, so his parents send him to boarding school. The teachers there are unkind to him. He becomes very sad. However, Ishaan's new art teacher is not abusive at all. He is nice and expresses concern about Ishaan. The new art teacher figures out that he is dyslexic and helps him to overcome his disability.

Production[change | change source]

The film stars Darsheel Safary as 8-year-old Ishaan, Vipin Sharma and Tisca Chopra as Ishaan's parents, Sachet Engineer as Ishaan's brother, and Aamir Khan plays his art teacher.

Creative director and writer Amole Gupte developed the idea with his wife Deepa Bhatia, who served as the film's editor. Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy composed the film's score, and Prasoon Joshi wrote the lyrics for many of the songs. Principal photography took place in Mumbai and in Panchgani's New Era High School. Some of the school's students make appearances.

The film was released on December 21, 2007 and won awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Film for 2008 and the 2008 National Film Award for Best Film on Family Welfare. It was India's official entry for the 2009 Academy Awards Best Foreign Film but did not go further to the short-list.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Darsheel Safary as Ishaan 'Inu' Awasthi: Maya & Nandkishore's son
  • Aamir Khan as Ram Shankar Nikumbh: An art teacher & Ishaan's tutor [1]
  • Tanay Chheda as Rajan Damodran, Ishaan's best friend and classmate at boarding school
  • Sachet Engineer as Yohaan 'Dada' Awasthi: Ishaan's brother
  • Tisca Chopra as Maya Awasthi: Ishaan and Yohaan's mother [2]
  • Vipin Sharma as Nandkishore Awasthi, Ishaan and Yohaan's father [3]
  • Girija Oak as Jabeen: Ram Shankar's co-worker
  • Bugs Bhargava as SeN SiR & Shankar Sachdev as Tiwari SiR, Two teachers at New Era High School [4]
  • M. K. Raina as the principal of New Era High School
  • Sonali Sachdev as Irene Teacher: An English teacher at Ishaan's former school.
  • Meghna Malik as Victoria Teacher: A Math teacher of Ishaan's former school.
  • Lalita Lajmi as herself (Cameo)[5]

References[change | change source]

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