Tacuinum sanitatis

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Ibn Butlan's Tacuinum sanitatis, Rhineland, 2nd half of 15th century.
Harvesting garlic, from Tacuinum Sanitatis, ca. 1400 (Bibliothèque nationale, Paris).

The Tacuinum (sometimes Taccuinum) Sanitatis[1] is a medieval handbook mainly on health. It is based on the Taqwim al‑sihha تقويم الصحة ("Maintenance of Health"), an eleventh-century Arab work an health by Ibn Butlan of Baghdad.[2] The text exists in several variant Latin versions.

It describes in detail the beneficial and harmful properties of foods and plants. It explains the six essential elements for well-being:

Tacuinum Sanitatis says that illnesses result from imbalance of these elements.

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