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Tadao Oka

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Tadao Oka (岡忠夫, Oka Tadao, April 1, 1948 {age 73}, Fukushima Prefecture - ) is a Japanese bass player for Japan's Group Sound band, The Carnabeats. His real name was Motonari Takano (高野元成, Takano Motonari) and had two nicknames, Dende (デンデ, Dende) and Goldfish (金魚, Kingyo).

Oka participated in "Robin Hood" from "Sounds of Wes" which was active in Nagoya. Withdrawal from the band in August 1969. his whereabouts is unknown. His older brother Norio Oka, a member of the "Jukebox" formed in 1970 by Johnny's office.