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Front view of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The Taj Mahal Palace is a historical, five-star, luxury hotel. It is at Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The Hotel is next to the Gateway of India.[1]

It was opened in 1903 as the Taj Mahal Hotel. It was, in earlier times, known simply as "The Taj".[2][3][4] The hotel is named after the Taj Mahal, which is in the city of Agra (about 1,050 kilometres (650 mi) from Mumbai). It has been known one of the finest hotels in the East since the time of the British Rule in India. The hotel was one of the main places targeted in the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

The hotel has 560 rooms and 44 suites. The Hotel is later owned by Tata Group. The hotel has a long, excellent and honorable history of receiving many important and famous guests ― from presidents of various nations, diplomats to star industrialists and businessmen.[5][6]

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