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Takahito, Prince Mikasa

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Prince Takahito
Prince Mikasa
Born(1915-12-02)2 December 1915
Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan
Died27 October 2016(2016-10-27) (aged 100)
Tokyo, Japan
SpouseYuriko Takagi
IssuePrincess Yasuko of Mikasa
Prince Tomohito of Mikasa
Yoshihito, Prince Katsura
Princess Masako of Mikasa
Norihito, Prince Takamado
Full name
Takahito (崇仁)
HouseImperial House of Japan
FatherEmperor Taishō
MotherEmpress Teimei

Prince Mikasa (三笠宮崇仁親王, Mikasa-no-miya Takahito shinnō, 2 December 1915 – 27 October 2016) was a member of the Imperial House of Japan.[1]

Early life

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Prince Takahito was the fourth and youngest son of Emperor Taishō and Empress Teimei. He was the brother of Emperor Shōwa, who was the father of the current emperor.[2]

The prince's childhood title was Sumi-no-miya. He attended the Gakushūin Peers' School from 1922 to 1932.

The prince attended the Imperial Japanese Army Academy from 1932 to 1936. He graduated from the Army Staff College.[3]

In 1935, Emperor Shōwa gave him the title Mikasa-no-miya (Prince Mikasa). He was given permission to form a new branch of the Imperial family.

Prince Mikasa served in the army from 1937 to 1947.

He was an officer in China. He served at Army Headquarters during the Second World War.[2]

Prince Mikasa died of cardiac arrest after being treated for pneumonia at a hospital in Tokyo at the age of 100.[4]

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The chrysanthemum symbol of the Japanese emperor and his family.
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