Talagang Tehsil

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Talagang Tehsil is a subdivision (tehsil) of Chakwal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The tehsil, which is headquartered at the city of Talagang, is administratively subdivided into 23 Union Councils. Talagang Tehsil is one of the largest tehsils in South Asia as it contains 102 villages. Some of the villages near Talagang town are Cheenji, Qaderpur Adhlaka, Jatla, Lawa, Dhurnal, Pachnand, Mogla, Malakwal, Tamman, Akwal, Chowkhandi, Dhook Goria, Perha Fathial, and Dhook Kund.Qaderpur is very famous and people from all over the Punjab visit the shrine of Baba Shah and Amma Bb [1]

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