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City and Commune
The Huáscar monitor
Map of Talcahuano in Biobío Region
Map of Talcahuano in Biobío Region
 • TypeMunicipality
 • AlcaldeGastón Saavedra Chandía (Ind.)
 • Total145.8 km2 (56.3 sq mi)
Population (2002 Census)[3]
 • Total250,348
 • Density1,700/km2 (4,400/sq mi)
 • Urban248,964
 • Rural1,384
 • Men121,778
 • Women128,570
Time zoneUTC−4 (CLT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−3 (CLST)
Area code(s)56 + 41
WebsiteMunicipality of Talcahuano

Talcahuano is a commune, city and port in Chile with 171.383 inhabitants and an area of 92.3 square kilometres, all according to the census of 2002. Additionally, this city is known as the first military, industrial and fishing port in the history of Chile.

History[change | change source]

Talcahuano was declared and founded on 1764 like a port city by Antonio Guill y Gonzaga. This city and the port was well known by some American whaleships on 19th century.

Etimology[change | change source]

The name Talcahuano comes from Talcahueñu, in honor to the Araucanian chief when Spaniards came to the zone. Talcahueñu also means Thundering Sky on mapudungun language.

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