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This page is a mess. It seems like the page is trying to say that Angel Numbers are real, which it shouldnt, and the references seem a bit fishy. THe first reference, that is supposed to reference that Angel Numbers are a part of Numerology, doesnt even mention Angel Numbers. The second reference doesnt seem very trustworthy to me.(They talk about the christian god as "our Creator" and how seeing Angel Numbers are common "signs from the angelic realm".) I think this article might be bad for people who easily belive, since it talks about Angel Numbers as if there is no dispute about their "powers". Im adding the NPOV disputes and the Disputed template. Lordpandaron (talk) 19:31, 3 May 2021 (UTC)

Im removing the first two and the last reference because of the reasons stated before and the last one because it doesent seem very neutral to me. (Christian teachings are assumed to be true.) Lordpandaron (talk)